The DecoBrain 2014 App

Decompression software is quite rare on Apple Computers. Basic pre-dive planning is usually done by decompression tables like the PADI RDP. Underwater is the use of dive computers mostly common. But for simulation of different surfaceing strategies and planning complex. With DecoBrain 2014 can this be done in an easy way. In addition the simulation of gas consumtion is done, too.

DecoBrain 2014 offers a decompression simulation within the limitations of recreational diving as a maximum depth of 45m and air, Nitrox 32, Nitrox 36 and Nitrox 40 as available breathing mixes. The implemented decompression algorithm is ZH-L16C from Albert A. Bühlmann, M.D., which is especaly designed for dive computers. DecoBrain 2014 runs on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite or newer. Since I do not use Apple Computers anymore, the development is discontinued and there will be no source code available.

Here an example of a dive simulation:

©André Frank Nikisch 2014-2015

Decompression Simulation - Runtim     Altitude Level: 0...900mNN
     max pPO₂: 1.4bar
     Diving Gas: Air
5min       5m :   no deco 999min         ▼ -5m/min   N₂-Load 174%   pPO₂=0.32
6min      15m :   no deco 99min          ▼ -10m/min   N₂-Load 177%   pPO₂=0.53
7min      25m :   no deco 27min          ▼ -11m/min   N₂-Load 193%   pPO₂=0.75
27min     35m :   deco 3m 4min           🔝 8min   ▼ -10m/min   N₂-Load 349%   pPO₂=0.95
32min     35m :   deco 6m 1min           🔝 12min   N₂-Load 352%   pPO₂=0.95
37min     35m :   deco 6m 3min           🔝 17min   N₂-Load 353%   pPO₂=0.95
38min     26m :   deco 6m 3min           🔝 17min   ▲ 9m/min   N₂-Load 342%   pPO₂=0.76
39min     20m :   deco 6m 3min           🔝 18min   ▲ 5m/min   N₂-Load 325%   pPO₂=0.65
40min     20m :   deco 6m 2min           🔝 18min   N₂-Load 317%   pPO₂=0.65
41min     11m :   deco 6m 2min           🔝 16min   ▲ 9m/min   N₂-Load 304%   pPO₂=0.45
42min      6m :   deco 6m 1min           🔝 14min   ▲ 5m/min   N₂-Load 289%   pPO₂=0.34
43min      6m :   deco 3m 12min          🔝 13min   N₂-Load 276%   pPO₂=0.34
44min      3m :   deco 3m 12min          🔝 13min   ▲ 3m/min   N₂-Load 264%   pPO₂=0.29
49min      3m :   deco 3m 7min           🔝 8min   N₂-Load 225%   pPO₂=0.29
54min      3m :   deco 3m 2min           🔝 3min   N₂-Load 203%   pPO₂=0.29
55min      3m :   deco 3m 1min           🔝 2min   N₂-Load 199%   pPO₂=0.29
56min      3m :   no deco 999min         N₂-Load 196%   pPO₂=0.29
57min      2m :   no deco 999min         ▲ 1m/min   N₂-Load 192%   pPO₂=0.25
58min      1m :   no deco 999min         ▲ 0m/min   N₂-Load 188%   pPO₂=0.25
59min      0m :   no deco 999min         ▲ 2m/min   N₂-Load 184%   pPO₂=0.21

"Skin Diving is fun and adventurous for young and old, and can be dangerous. Know the sport well and don't take any chances."